The PSI fellas in El Dorado had the pleasure of helping our friends at Numana boxing, palletizing and sending out food packages to Haiti.  Each box contained food consisting of rice, beans, soy and oats.  Chad Carter, Beau Parker and Matt Morris jumped at the chance to help when Ashley Burns put out the call for help.


The boys put their thinking cap on and figured out the best stacking process to most effectively get these food boxes to where they were needed and came up with a great method.  They figured out the best way was to stack it as 9 boxes per row, 6 rows high, 36 bags per box.  Each bag is the equivalent of 6 meals.  In total, our boys loaded up 20 pallets to ship off to needy families.  The total order weighed around 45,000lbs!  The Numana folks told our boys that they were so efficient, that they basically did 8 hours’ worth of work in a little over 2 hours.  They were extremely impressed.  Nice job fellers!


Our boys left tired and a little sweaty, but definitely told Ashley to call anytime they need help with a load and PSI would be there again, ready to shine!  Thank you, El Dorado Employees, for helping out so willingly!  You did us proud today and made the world just a little bit better place to live in!