This past weekend, Plant Services, Inc had the distinct pleasure of participating in a dodgeball tourney that benefitted a local family in dire need.

A local family was recently devastated by the news that the mom, Lucy had cancer.  What follows with all cancers is chemotherapy, drugs and bills, lots and lots of bills.  Well, in stepped Wes Nelson from Pro fab Motorsports and Terrill Bracken from Fusion Fight League to help out.  They arranged the event, called upon a few of their business friends such as PSI and next thing you know, there’s a dodgeball tournament formed. From handmade trophies, to a whole host of teams donating money to play, a lot of money was raised and a whole lot of good fun was had.

We were very honored to participate and support this tournament.  And a huge thanks to our PSI team members who literally went from the couch to 2nd place!  There were a lot of stiff and sore bodies come Monday, but every single person was smiling ear to ear, stating that they wouldn’t trade that day for anything!  To our “Red Rockets” Team; Kyle, Morgan, Sean, Jeff, Chaz and Nate…Thank you again for jumping in and representing PSI this fine day!  You are appreciated more than you know!

Also, a special thanks to Greg Monical and 777 Fitness for hosting the event.  Your generous hospitality helped make this even happen.

It’s events like this that reinforce that community feeling that Billings has and bring a lot of people together with one vision, and that’s to help their fellow neighbor in need.  A very proud day to be a Billings citizen that’s for sure!