Hot Taps

Tying a new line to an existing one isn’t easy, but PSI makes it look that way.

  • One of the largest hot tapping and line stopping inventories in the Western region
  • Hot taps from 1/2” up to 42”
  • Able to handle taps up to 700 degrees and pressures up to 1480 psi

Mechanical Line Stops

When you need to isolate a piece of equipment, let PSI get to work. We can perform precision line stops on both single and double low to medium-pressure lines so you can get to work fast.

Our equipment includes multiple Shortstopp® 60, Shortstopp II, Shortstopp 275 and Shortstopp 50 units to ensure we have what you need when you need it.

PSI also stocks a vast assortment of adapter housing and spool pieces, allowing us to bolt almost any flange up to 42”. If you need to bolt up using 150#, 300# or even 600# rated equipment, we can take care of you.

hot tap fittings

PSI not only performs hot tap and line stop services but also sells hot tap and line stop fittings. 

Type I and Type II hot tap fittings are available through PSI, each engineered and fabricated to give additional reinforcement to pipe sections to ensure their reliability and integrity. A variety of full encirclement and partial encirclement products are also available depending on the level of needed support and use. 

All standard hot tap fittings are engineered to meet the requirements of ASME B31.3 and B31.4/8. Hot tap fittings are typically A234 Grade WPB or WPC with A105 flanges. 

PSI can engineer other materials to meet pipeline material Requirements or customer requirements. PSI’s hot tap fittings are compatible with major models of hot tapping equipment and are compliant with most pipeline design codes. 

Typical flanges are ASME Class 150, 300, or 600. We also custom-engineer other classes or flange types for our customers.

line stop fittings

If you need full port size-on branch connections, PSI offers connections for standard line stop operations in stock. If you have custom requirements, we will engineer and supply reduced branch sizes where needed. 

In addition to the standard line stop fittings, PSI supplies fittings with guide bar plugs for utilization when future line pigging is anticipated.