Our Training department offers complete comprehensive training for your technicians, from basic nomenclature knowledge to advanced training with more technical procedures such as valve kills, line crimps and jobs involving critical chemicals.

Students that attend our training, will receive training customized to your company’s needs.  Instruction includes classroom and hands-on training where the student will perform actual procedures under the watchful eye of our Certified instructors.  Technical testing is also administered at the conclusion of the training. Passing students will receive a diploma and your company will receive a letter of completion for backup, should a client want verification of independent training. 


Take advantage of our extensive leak sealing knowledge by hiring our technical support department to provide “chem checks”, provide technical support for field personnel, and even log your critical job data for easy reference later.  

When hired, consider our SRTS department to be your technical support department.  We’ll be there to support you for everything from chem checks, to clamp calculation review, to phone calls with clients all the way up to on-site visits for consultation or incident follow-up.