Forged Bonding and Cold Work Services

PSI is the exclusive U.S. partner of Forge Tech, the developer of quality forged bonding solutions. Forged bonding is the fire triangle solution industry engineers and professionals have waited decades for. The proprietary portable friction forge bonding process created by Forge Tech engineers results in the same level of mechanical integrity as traditional arc welding while eliminating sparking—and the need for hot work permits.

  • No decommissioning/degassing required
  • Adaptive to a wide range of applications
  • Ability to bond most materials without metallurgical complications
  • Third-party tested and process qualified to ASME Section IX
  • All solutions are custom-fabricated and meet applicable ANSI, API, DOT and NACE codes

Ignition Temperature vs. Hot Surface Area and Lag Time for Hydrocarbons
Derived from hexane data acquired from API and Kuchta

How Forged Bonding Works

Designed to be used in even the most hazardous environments, forged bonding uses a non-molten application contained in a shielded vacuum atmosphere—and is completely spark free. The Forge Tech process is pre-set and mechanically controlled, with a factor of 2 safety margin for backside temperature. It can be used in refineries, process plants, storage facilities and on industrial work sites.

Forged bonding technology delivers results that are incredibly strong and that allow you to reach your next scheduled turnaround. That saves time and money in the form of repair costs, labor, materials, equipment and downtime.

Forged Bonding for Above-Ground Storage Tanks (AST)

In the past, repairs to above-ground storage tanks, or ASTs, generally required costly degassing or complete decommissioning. With PSI’s forged bonding technology, however, repairs can be completed on in-service tanks. These long-lasting repairs save time and money while allowing you to reach your next scheduled turnaround on otherwise failed tanks.

Our AST solutions reestablish the integrity of the metal utilizing a mechanical repair process (bolted plate and gasket.) Repairs made on the roof, shell or floor of a storage tank restore plate integrity back to its original thickness, with extended run lengths able to be completed with minimal repair costs.

  • Every repair is custom engineered to meet your specific needs and qualifications.
  • Our repairs meet applicable ANSI, API and NACE codes.
  • The entire process uses only compressed air, with no spark, flame or molten pool produced.
  • Ideal for oil and gas refineries, water processing facilities and a wide range of other industries and applications.

Forged Bonding Stud Installation

For stud installation in hazardous environments, forged bonding technology is the answer. Without any spark, flame or ignition source required, dissimilar metals can be joined safely and consistently—and the bond is as strong or stronger than traditional techniques.  As with all forged bonding solutions, no hot work permits are needed.

Use for:

  • Pipe rack installation
  • Fall protection attachments
  • Handrails
  • Between-tank walkways
  • Clamps for lightning protection systems
  • Mounts for air monitors and other system components

Forged Bonding for Valve Repair

Reduce the cost associated with leaking valves with forged bonding technology. We literally forge an injection port onto the valve, creating a high-integrity joint. It allows valves to be repaired while in service using a safe, controlled and contained process. There are no added leak points and, best of all, it actually improves asset value by eliminating the hazards and additional leak-points associated with drill-and-tap methods.

The resulting platform is strong, leak-free and reusable if needed.