Tulsa, OK

Home of the Specialty Repair Technical Support Office

Our Tulsa Oklahoma office boasts some key features for technical support and experience.  Tulsa is not only a territory office boasting a young, energetic set of technicians, but also is the home of our SRTS office.   


Tulsa is also a fully stocked shop, with hot tap machines, portable machining & pipe cutting equipment and even torquing equipment and Isolation plugs.  With the great leadership of Mr Kothe, our crews here love responding and repairing mechanical failures in their territory. 

Give them a call for your mechanical failures or utilize our SRTS director to assist you in finding solutions to your specialty repair needs. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.     

Line Enclosure with Stubout
Our Tulsa Crew Performing a Line Freeze

Meet The Team

Get to know the many faces that make up our incredible PSI team.

larry kothe

National SRTS Director

Justin kothe

Technician II


Technician I