Salt Lake City, UT

Plant Services, Inc Equipment Center

Right in the middle of the industrial sector of N Salt Lake City is our SLC Territory office.  Our Salt Lake City office boasts a multitude of features that give this office a huge advantage over our competition.

Strategically placed to be within a 5 to 15-minute drive to every refinery in the SLC area, our crews can respond in a jiffy to any emergency callout.


Let Us Know If Your Equipment Needs Work

The SLC office has an “In-House” welding and machine shop for our customer’s metalworking needs.  Our crews will even pick up and drop off any equipment needing work.  

This office is also the Plant Services, Inc equipment center.  Over 6,500 sq. ft of shop and 10,000 sq. ft of fenced lot area are featured here.  Centrally located within an 8-10 hour drive to 3 other PSI locations and being located only 10 minutes from SLC’s major airport, mobilizing equipment to our other locations on a priority basis is no problem. 

Our SLC office boasts some of the most experienced technicians in the business.  Our guys here are very talented and extremely motivated to please their customers.  Salt Lake City is also the home for our National Sales and Operations office.  From top to bottom, this office has every single thing needed to respond to our customer’s needs.  Call these boys today.  They are poised and ready to respond!

Meet The Team

Get to know the many faces that make up our incredible PSI team.

Eric Robinson

Master Technician

JeremY Anstine

Lead Technician

Kelly harper

Technician I

Nick mitchell

National Sales & Operations Specialist


Lead Technician

Richard longhurst

Lead Technician


Utah Operations Specialist