How our office has grown

Oh how we’ve grown over the years at PSI! It seems our Worden office is constantly under construction, but with growth and progress, we must build to accommodate! It’s been a wonderful adventure so far. Looking forward to what the upcoming years bring!


PRV Enclosure

PSI responded to this leaking safety valve that had a crack in the body.  We successfully installed and sealed up the leak without incident and averted a unit shutdown.


Christmas party 2017

A few pictures from our MT Christmas Party in 2017. Awards, remembrances and great times were had by us all!


Elbow Diamond wrap

Another successful composite wrap performed by our techs. This one was a thinning elbow that was threatening a shutdown of their Alky unit. Our crews wrapped the affected area and kept the unit online!


Hanging out with hof friends

Hanging out with our Client and friend Levi at the Holly Frontier fishing derby.


machining large flanges on-site

Here’s one of our Techs machining a new vessel flange that was damaged in shipping. Utilizing a Meridian machine, he was able to machine out the damage and they quickly had the vessel ready to go into service.


Arie Custis

Check out our buddy Arie! Arie is the son of our Operations Specialist, Shane Custis and his wife Nikki. He got it in his head one day he wanted to dress up like daddy for school. This is what he came up with. Gotta love this young man! We can’t wait for him to grow up, so we can recruit him into our troops!


Line Freeze job

Our crew performed This 4” freeze so our client could work on some equipment down stream without draining the whole section of pipe.  Freeze was a success and we saved the client time and money.  Plus, look at how tight our line freeze jackets seal.  No leakage means a more efficient use of the nitrogen and a quicker freeze.  The job went very smoothly and safely. 


Help for homeless pets

Look at this crew right there!  Because of our universal love for the 4-legged friends, a bunch of us took the call to action to help out a local animal rescue.  Some of their puppies had to stay out in the cold, and that just won’t do!  We received a very warm thank you from HHP, but mostly got some great joy and satisfaction knowing that the pups will now have somewhere warm to stay!

 “We want to give a BIG Thank You to the folks from Plant Services Inc, Thomas Thayer, Mona Thayer, Joe Best, Twila Carey, Sean Carney, Chaz Cormier, Jeff Schelle, Kyle Solheim…. not pictured: Jamie Pasley, Morgan Thayer, & Jordan Ewen for your work at the shelter! These guys are AWESOME! They Volunteered their time and materials to enclose our outside dog area so that we are now able to house up to 8 more dogs at the shelter during the winter months! This is HUGE! Usually during winter months we are limited to only the 8 spaces inside. So, because of these kind and caring folks, we can now double that number year round! On top of that, they helped us clear out and haul away unused items, repaired kennels, and deep clean and organize our inside dog area! so, THANK YOU from all of us at Help for Homeless Pets and from all the grateful dogs that will be warm and comfortable this winter while awaiting adoption!”