SRTS training center

This is our Worden Montana training center.  Our training center and specialty training curriculum are of only a few in the nation that have been audited by Chevron Corp and passed their stringent requirements.  PSI offers 3rd party training to any company looking to advance their personnel’s on stream repair, hot tapping or specialty repair knowledge. 


trade show booth

Our new trade show booth setup. We can’t wait until we can once again attend trade shows and display the work our talented folks perform!


Golfing Tent

Check out the view our boys get when you sponsor a hole at a golf tournament in the Rockies. Sean Carney sure knows how to show off the goods! Great job fellas!


Big Rigs staged for takeoff

Just washed up and polished a few of our rigs, so a photo op just had to happen!


trophy Pics

Can you believe this crew went from the “couch” to second place? Yep, true story! Last minute entry all to help a good cause. Y’all did great and we know you all had fun doing it!


Diamond wrap tower

Our composites are the best in the business.  Wrap a tower, no problem!  Go around obstructions all the while 60’ up in the air, check!  Oh yeah, our installer are definitely the best in the business!


TKI Tower Diamond Wrap
TKI Tower Diamond Wrap

Field Machining

Field Machining is one of our forte’s, beings it is a specialty service.  Flange faces, pump bases, counterbores, keyways are all “bread and butter” work for our skilled specialists! 


Homesteader days

At PSI we not only work hard, but we can play hard too! Had the pleasure of sponsoring a great event that featured Ned LeDoux!


T/A Vehicles & trailers

Got to love the wraps on our T/A & Capital project work trailers! We made sure that you know where our trailers are on shutdowns! Bold and beautiful, but full of top notch equipment, manned by the best techs in the biz! At PSI, we even wrap our in-plant buggies. No detail is too small to pay attention to, and that goes for even our UTV’s! Man, that’s a good looking buggy!