What we dwell on, we become

Your thoughts create your reality

What you believe, you will achieve

You reap what you sow

We have all heard of these famous quotes at some point in our lives, right?

I for one am a firm believer in each of these thought provoking quotes.

I know we’ve all heard or read each of these quotes as some time in our lives, and whether you believe in each of them or not, they came from a time of strife and were born out of someone’s inspiration to make change and to try to promote the positive. 

As we all also know, life can get very tough and things can happen outside of our control. It can be hard to always stay positive, especially during the rough times. Some people fold up like a chair when it gets tough, but there’s quite a few of us that reflect internally and look for inspiration to boost our self-up and help us get over that hump. 

I don’t think I’m amiss in saying that times are no tougher than they are right now, mentally and emotionally. We are all collectively navigating through the single biggest life changing event most all of us have ever experienced.  I’m of course talking about the “pandemic” that it and the resulting actions of our leaders, both political and professional have the rest of us scrambling to find reason in.  And most all of this situation is definitely out of our control, so that helpless feeling continues to try and wash over us with every wave of bad news and bring us down.

It’s times like these that you become tested.  From your political beliefs, to your personal decisions of safety & well-being, to your financial choices and even all the way up to what you believe and what you believe in.

I know I personally have done a lot of mental “wrestling” with myself, trying to wade through, and process all of this information, misinformation and rhetoric that is constantly being shoveled at us on a daily basis concerning this “pandemic”.  Its relentless, it’s draining and exhausting, and beats on you like that afternoon sun on a 100+degree day. 

My resolve has definitely been tested on more than one occasion. I’ve swayed left, I’ve swayed right.  I’ve reacted negatively, and I’ve tried to correct myself and look for positives to pass along to others.  At times I’ve tried to write off the whole thing and pretend it wasn’t even there…yet I wake up the next day and there it is…tapping me on the forehead saying “wakey, wakey, time for your daily dose of negativity!” 

See if this rings any bells for you. You’re laying in bed, ready to get the day rolling and realize we’re still in a pandemic, you have errands to run, things to do and to complete, then you realize you have to deal with masks, distancing and today’s rules to follow. All these rules.  Rules that “the powers that be” tell you are your only way to survive.  The other side is wrong.  We right and we will lead you, so follow what we say, follow our rules…until they change them again, and again, and yet again.  All this rolls through your head like a bad movie.  Now you start rethinking the day, right? The mental conversation with yourself goes something like this, I’d guess.

Ugh, I haven’t even got out of bed and I’m already tired!  On top of everything else I have to handle today, life’s going to swing at me with this COVIC cluster-f*ck again today, too?”  I’ve said it. You’ve said it.  Admit it.

So, what’s a person to do? 

I’m glad you asked. 

 A very wise man once told me that you can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control what that does to you and how you react to it. 

True? Yes.  Easy? No.

Here’s what I try to do.


Mindful what”, you say? 

Well, being mindful means being aware of your thoughts, your emotions and how you are feeling both mentally and physically at a time of crisis.  It’s also being able to accept how you are feeling, what you are thinking or how your body is reacting without passing judgment on yourself for it.

Here’s the definition below:




  1. conscious or aware of something.

“we can be more mindful of the energy we use to heat our homes”

  1. focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique.

“tune in to your body and be mindful”

Why’s that so important?

Well, I’m going to tell you.  If you can practice this ability to realize how events, circumstances, people, words or actions make you feel both mentally and physically, you can now isolate those things and be able to begin trying to regulate how much they affect you. 

Here’s layman’s terms.  You stop and take a second to do mental inventory BEFORE you react to it.  It’s a pause button that gives you time to think about what happens next when something negative happens to you or just happens but still affects you negatively. Pause. Think. Respond. 

Thoughts, Feelings & Behavior

Our minds are very powerful.  If we can be purposeful in how we harness our thoughts by being “mindful”, we can now take charge of ourselves, limit how much the bad affects us, and create an attitude and awareness that keeps us from going down that negative “rabbit hole”.

Optimistic thoughts lead to productive behavior

Oh, my goodness, I’m full of these dang quotes, aren’t I?

Corny quote or not, some of the greatest, most inspirational figures in the history of man are known to believe in the context of statements just like that one.  You know they are who they are for a reason, right? Besides, who wants to go through life depressed, worrying about the doom and gloom every day. I know I don’t.   

Be aware of what’s out there, yes. 

Let it dictate how you feel, or let it beat you down and restrain your optimism…


One last quote and then I swear I’m done.

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets